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Friday, February 19, 2010


one of the best damn frappes you can order @ starbucks!! (besides the mocha). i personally believe that the best made green tea frappes you can get in atlanta area is @ perimeter mall. they make it so rich & creamy tasting. you can def. taste the green tea flvr. (tastes almost just like häagen-dazs's version). the more whip cream they put; the better it tastes!!

also the passion lemonade is great. you have the options of doing passion with green tea or black tea, but the passion flavor's a bit tarty. you can pay a few cents more & get it w/ lemonade! yum~

it's also very easy to make at the convenience of your own home! the recipe are as follows:

> tazo passion tea (you can get it @Target, online, etc.)
> lemonade
> sugar syrup (boiled sugar + water)
> ice
> cocktail shaker (not really required but the bubbles make any drink taste better than stirred!)