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Monday, August 2, 2010

brio tuscan grille

brio tuscan grille is an italian restaurant. i've drove past it & noticed its' exterior. looks nice. they have a nice outdoor patio that overlooks their very own little pond/lake (which i did not have the chance to take a pic of, but the pic i have of the front will do). i finally decided to give them a try one day for a friend's bday. all i have to say is.. beware of portions & it might be a bit pricey for a typical, casual dine out. other than that, the dishes we ordered were DELISH! :)

they give you this flat bread tray (taste kinda like pita chips) when you dine in; it taste great! even better with the dip below!

roasted garlic, spinach & artichoke dip

calamari fritto misto; it was so tasteful. the calamari was seasoned very well. it was crispy & NOT oily! thumbs up for that. also, this aptzr came with 2 choice of sauces; i believe it was tartar & some sort of marinara/tomato sauce? correct me if i'm wrong.






last but not least...when you're finished with your meal, the waiter/tress comes out with a tray of all the desserts they have to offer. i don't have a pic of all of them, but we did order 3 of them. they're very similar to little dessert shots, minus the alcohol..that is. i apologize that i cannot rmb'er all the flvrs that we tried, but the one with the raspberry is the ny cheesecake shot.


  1. I was told the torta di cioccolata or the milk chocolate cake was the best dessert at brio.

  2. oh really? hmmm I don't recall them showing us that.